So Sorry!

I am so, so, so, sorry!  I only wrote two posts and then I completely forgot about writing anything for awhile.  I’m trying to get back into it because I have read a lot of books and have wanted to review them and talk about them with people and I felt I had no place to go.  I forgot completely that I had started this blog and I want to start doing more with it!  So please forgive me for neglecting this blog and I hope to do better in the future!

There is no friend as loyal as a good book – Ernest Hemingway


Almost There…

I have just finished reading the 6th book in the Harry Potter series, and I am emotionally damaged! I’ll delve farther into my feelings and sadness when I finish the series, but Snape is definitely not by favorite person in the world right now. Everyone says that I will love Snape after I finish the last book, and I pray that they are right. My anger and hatred is equal to or greater than Harry’s at the moment, which is saying a lot.

I hope to finish the last book by Tuesday or Wednesday, but probably sooner because I NEED TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS!!!

And the feels are running extremely high so I’m going to be shunning the world away and diving into the wizarding world of Harry Potter for the weekend!!

Books are a uniquely portable magic.
– Stephen King

First Time!

Hey everyone!

This is my first time ever doing a blog and I am so excited! I have always wanted to start one up to discuss and review books, but have never managed to do it until now!

I have been reading before I can even remember and it is my absolute favorite pastime. A book is always brought with me wherever I go so that I can always be reading. For being an 18-year-old incoming college freshman, reading for fun is pretty uncommon and even mocked about at my age. But who cares?! I’m filling my head with adventure and thrill while other teenagers are wasting their minds trying to figure out how the new update for Facebook works.

My plan for this blog is to do book reviews, updates, and reactions to books and I would love to take ideas for books to read from you guys. I am currently reading the Harry Potter series for my very first time (extremely late on the bandwagon there) so I will be posting my review and reaction to the entire series in a couple of days after I finish the 6th and 7th books.

Thank you to everyone who reads this and I hope you continue along with me on this book blogging journey! 🙂